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The Nextep is more than a management consultancy, because we don’t only look at the bottom line.

We work with leaders who know that adaptable organizations win. As the leader of a thriving business, you’ve learned that success is a team effort.

But over time, your processes have stacked up and evolved in ways that prevent your team from working at its best. The result? Underperforming staff, unhappy clients, a loss of differentiation and slow growth (if any).

We can change that for you by placing the human factor at the heart of the organization’s transformation journey.

Our aim is to see you achieve greater growth. How? By bringing more purpose to what you do, how you connect employees and how you deliver memorable experiences for your customers.

As a senior leader within your organization, your primary concern is to ensure a solid financial performance. But by focusing only on the numbers, it can be easy to overlook the real drivers of your bottom line – engaged staff and loyal clients.

The real result of this omission can be critical: your staff may become dissatisfied and either leave or chronically under-perform. And this will drive up your costs. Disengaged staff also lead to unhappy clients who will look for alternative ways to address their challenges. And this will drive down your income.

Rising costs and shrinking turnover can quickly spiral out of control and these two factors have caused the downfall of many once-successful companies.

But now that you’ve found The nextep, we can change all that for you. Together, we will work to ensure that the outlook for your business is very different from this negative scenario.

Using the C.E.E. Model that we have created, we’ll take an inside out approach to ensuring that the “people elements” of your business work seamlessly with your brand, culture and growth ambitions.

And that’s because I know that for you – as for us – the only results worth working towards are the ones that last.

In HR, Human comes first.
Focus on the Experience.
Resources will flow naturally.

How we do it?


Discover the Customer Employee Experience model that will drive your business performance by engaging your employees and enhancing your customer experience and loyalty.

The C.E.E. Model - Business Strategy

Business Strategy

  • Align purpose, mission and strategy
  • Define critical organizational priorities to help you create true customer value
The C.E.E. Model - Employee Experience

Employee Experience

  • Principles, behaviors and metrics that help shape a customer value-centric culture
  • Employee journey
  • Collective intelligence
The C.E.E. Model - Business Performance

Business Performance

  • Governance
  • Measures and processes
The C.E.E. Model - Customer Experience

Customer Experience

  • Define organisational structure
  • Customer journey
  • Collective intelligence, agile methods and tools that accelerate customer value

Selected case studies

A branded customer experience

How over a period of 18 months, this premium food brand increased their organic growth target by 12%, increasing customer loyalty by over 25% and confirm their brand as premium, differentiating from the competition. How did they achieve this? What was their secret?


Streamlined and efficient operations

How a global institution increased internal customer satisfaction and efficiency over a 6 months period? What was the change mechanism to address the resistance?


From a project to an operational site

How over a period of 18 months, this one of a kind center of culture, achieved to break-even in a complex and challenging environment?


What my customers think of me

I mandated Vindou to come and review our HR processes.

With professionalism and high ethics, she uncovered the sources of dysfunctions and knew how to bring them to the table, making the appropriate recommendations, while respecting the organization culture. She adapted her style to the organization without losing the core message. She knew how to balance the global perspective with a detail orientation.

She is an extremely reliable partner. If the opportunity arises, I would rehire her immediately.

Pierre-Paul Cornet Director Human Resources - Geneva Hospital University

Based on a recommendation from IMD, we had the pleasure to partner with Vindou in the development of a performance management tool specific to our organization.

She worked closely with the top management to understand our culture and values and develop a tailored tool under the name of “Personal Business Commitment”, adapted to our entrepreneur mindset.

We are pleased to say, that with some variations linked to the evolution of the organization, the tool is still used.

We appreciated working with Vindou, her ability to extract the best practices from her diverse background, allowed us to build a unique tool for our company.

Her strength was to transform an HR process into a business driver.

We would recommend Vindou to any organization looking for an employee-centered approach.

Hans Mustad Mustad Hoofcare Group - Group CEO

We had pleasure to have Vindou onboard working with us on various HR projects like HR Electronic tools implementation and Global HR process improvement project.

Vindou is a kind of person who knows where to go and she always tries to take an innovative approach.

She does not hesitate to challenge you and to put you out of your comfort zone to make you think out the box in order to find the best solution for your organisation.

I do not hesitate to recommend Vindou and I hope, if an opportunity arises, that we can work together again in the future!

Olivier Dugenet European Broadcasting Union - HR Partner

Our boutique fitness studio, MIX Studio, opened in the Summer of 2017.  We hired Vindou as strategy and business advisor and head of our HR department.  Her extensive analytical, budgeting and forecasting skills, combined with deep seeded understanding of accounting and small business operations gave us visibility and clarity over our business performance.  As head of our HR, she was a tremendous resource helping us navigate and establish operating systems and we relied on her expertise when it came to creating contracts which would be unique to our business model.
She is an active listener and asks insightful questions that help valuate the business need and establish the criteria for a successful solution. She is a trusted confidant with a wealth of experience to draw upon as we continue to grow and face more business opportunities and challenges.

Alessandra Bessler Founder - Mix Fitness Sàrl

Je ne peux que vous conseiller de travailler avec Vindou.

En effet, lors de notre premier appel, j’ai ressenti dans sa voix la sincérité et surtout de la bienveillance. Et je ne mettais pas trompé. Vindou est vraiment une personne bienveillante qui est d’abord là pour nous aider, pour nous accompagner dans notre parcours difficile. Son objectif est vraiment de nous aider et elle ne va pas perdre du temps pour rien.

Toujours à l’écoute, elle a tout de suite ressenti le moment où il était temps de me laisser voler de mes propres ailes. Elle continue à prendre de mes nouvelles. Je ne peux que la recommander.

Wiam Firouzabadi Founder - Vojood Group Sàrl

I worked with Vindou for several years and found her to be intelligent, concise and thoughtful.  She constantly challenged us to find new ways to solve problems and/or issues and was extremely service oriented.

She always brought us back to focusing on the issue at hand when we went off track.

Arlene Madell Museum Executive

Vindou has been a phenomenal help in managing all of the human resource related topics and administration for Joby Inc in Switzerland. She was a great sounding board and helped me overcome and solve issues that were created before we worked with Duallis.

Next to that Vindou was always flexible, thinking outside the box and very pleasant to work with. I would without doubt work with Vindou again and can recommend her without reservations.

Sandro Fulgheri Vice-President International Sales, EMEA & Asia Pacific - Joby Inc.

I worked with Vindou during the Summer of 2011 while I was Chairman of Bacula Systems and Vindou was an HR expert who advised the company on a variety of founder/management issues: Vindou provided valuable and professional advice in a very timely manner and saw the company through the resultant transitions, advising on the full range of HR matters from CEO recruitment to the establishment of internal processes.

I can highly recommend the quality of Vindou’s advice, her ability to see the 'big' picture and her willingness to go the ‘extra mile’ to assist her clients.

Colin Turner Chairman (Non-Executive) - Bacula Systems

Vindou supported us for 18 months in defining our 3 year strategic plan and helping us review our workflows in different areas of our institution. Her experience, expertise and practical style along with her out of the box thinking has been instrumental to the organization and to the development of the teams. 

She quickly developed a high level of trust with our teams that allowed for deep-dives into our processes and procedures. It should be mentioned that our organization operates in the cultural sector, one which Vindou was not familiar with when she began with us.

Through personal research, she learned about our sector very quickly and was able to drive fantastic outcomes. We would highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to drive change and optimisation in their organisation.

CEO Private Organisation, Canada

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