Vindou Duc,
Founder of The Nextep

A seasoned human resources and business transformation leader with more than 25 years of executive and consulting experience. Her inspiration? Driving meaningful impact for your company.

As a strategic thinker and hands-on leader

Vindou impacts a global clientele through consulting, guest speaking and lean, agile project implementation. She works across worldwide markets and industries including healthcare, technology, consumer goods and hospitality. And her specialized areas of expertise include change management and constructing the employee and customer journeys.
Based in Switzerland, Vindou’s multicultural, multi-industry and multinational background positions The Nextep to meet the unique needs of its diverse customers. And the driving force of her approach is to reposition the human factor.

Where is your employee in the process and what is the value for your customer?

With laser focus on the employee experience and return on investment for the client, combined with key process optimization, Vindou implements transformation strategies that continue to earn consistent praise from The Nextep’s clients.

Leading worldwide business transformation

Before founding The Nextep, Vindou Duc held leadership roles with Covance CLS and General Mills International. In addition to holding an MBA degree, Vindou is a Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming of the American Board, and is certified in the GROW coaching model and as an Insights Facilitator. She has been published in Forbes, PME Magazines and Monde Economique.